You can access your SUSE Cloud Application Developer Sandbox via the Cloud Foundry command line interface or via the Stratos Web interface. Your username and password are what you provided when creating your sandbox account. If you need to change your password, follow these instructions.

CLI access

The API endpoint URL is https://api.cap.explore.suse.dev. I’m assuming you already installed the Cloud Foundry CLI (check here for instructions how to do that).

Log your client in by:

> cf login -a https://api.cap.explore.suse.dev -u <your_username> -p <your_password>
API endpoint: https://api.cap.explore.suse.dev


Targeted org <your_org_name>

Select a space:
1. prod
2. samples
3. dev
4. test

Space (enter to skip): 3
Targeted space dev

API endpoint:   https://api.cap.explore.suse.dev (API version: 3.79.0)
User:           <your_username>
Org:            <your_org_name>
Space:          dev

If you want to change your initial password:

> cf passwd

Current Password> 

New Password> 

Verify Password> 
Changing password...
Please log in again

There’s a lot more you can do with the CLI client - check our detailed CLI introduction for more information.

Accessing the graphical web user interface Stratos

The Stratos Web UI can be accessed at https://stratos.cap.explore.suse.dev. Credentials are the same as above, your SUSE Developer community account e-mail and password from the welcome mail.

Where to get help

If you get stuck or run into trouble, you can check out the FAQ, reach us on our forum, or write an email to developers@suse.com.

What now?

More detailed instructions and inspiration what to try out on the command line can be found here, and some exercises on the web UI Stratos can be found here.

The Cloud Foundry From Zero to Hero course is a classic starting point if you want to get even more serious.

It is rather easy to set up your own SUSE Cloud Application Platform cluster on Microsoft Azure - instructions can be found in this blog post.

If you’re interested in going deeper and maybe even get certified on SUSE Cloud Application Platform, have a look at our training offerings.