Changing your Password

When you first create your sandbox account, you selected your username and initial password. In case you want to change it later, you can do that from the command line or from the Stratos UI.

From Command Line

To change your password from the command line, log in with your current password and run:

> cf passwd

Current Password> 

New Password> 

Verify Password> 
Changing password...
Please log in again

From Stratos

To change your password from Stratos, click on the icon in the top right corner of your screen (see screenshot below), and select Profile from the menu that drops down.

Profile Access

Click the pencil on the top right to edit your profile. You can also browse directly to If this gives you a 404 error, you are either not logged in or your login has timed out. Logging back in should fix this.

Profile Access

Type in current password and new password where appropriate then click Save.

Profile Access